Tips & Tricks for January 2017

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Is it possible to create a report that compares tags across multiple files? For multiple tasks that have the same name, would it be possible to consolidate those and compare the tags?Question:  

I have a challenge.  In my new organization, they use Real Time Enterprise instead of MS Project.  The Task Order Schedule is at least 9k lines.  I can export to Excel but I'm not sure how to build a Milestone chart with the key deployment tasks that we need to monitor.  What would you suggest?  That RTE file has UIDs so that's good.  But I'm spending way too much time comparing last week's schedule to this weeks.

Some of the rows on my schedule have symbols which I can not select.  I would like to change or delete the symbols but can not select them for deletion.

I want to indent text in my column. I never had trouble doing this before. I usually right-click the cell the text is in and Click on Indent/Demote task. For some reason it is not working.