Tips & Tricks for November/December 2016

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I have a 12 page schedule.  When I use Copy all pages to PowerPoint, only 5 pages are copied.  Then I get an error message: Trouble pasting this schedule into PowerPoint.

My schedule has many vertical connectors, connecting dates across pages.  When I look at the connectors, it's often challenging to determine which page they are connected to.  Is there anything I can do to make this easier?

I have a schedule that lists tasks and the person responsible for each task. One employee listed on the schedule has been moved to a different project. How can I quickly replace all occurrences of that name with the new employee's name?

Can I print a limited list of the tasks: e.g., just the tasks assigned to one person for their own short list?  If so, how?

I created a year-long schedule which starts on 10/1/2015 and ends on 9/31/2016, taking up one full page. How can I include another date range in the same schedule, say for the next year beginning 10/1/2016 and ending 9/31/2017? That is, can the date range for each page be different?

My computer is set up for English and with United States settings.  However, I want to make the dates on my schedule reflect a date order used by my customers.  Instead of mm/dd/yy, I would like to use dd/mm/yy.  Is this possible?

I am trying to use the keyboard arrow keys (left, right, up, down) to adjust the position of a freeform text block.  When I press the up arrow, my screen jumps.  Same with the down, left and right arrows.

I have lost my schedule's vertical connections, globally.  Any ideas how that happened?

Is there any way to lock the symbol date when moving from one task row to another task row?