Tips & Tricks for November/December 2016

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Trouble pasting into PowerPoint

I have a 12 page schedule.  When I use Copy all pages to PowerPoint, only 5 pages are copied.  Then I get an error message: Trouble pasting this schedule into PowerPoint.

Vertical connectors on a multi-page schedule

My schedule has many vertical connectors, connecting dates across pages.  When I look at the connectors, it's often challenging to determine which page they are connected to.  Is there anything I can do to make this easier?

Find and replace

I have a schedule that lists tasks and the person responsible for each task. One employee listed on the schedule has been moved to a different project. How can I quickly replace all occurrences of that name with the new employee's name?

Generate assignment lists

Can I print a limited list of the tasks: e.g., just the tasks assigned to one person for their own short list?  If so, how?

Date range override for each page

I created a year-long schedule which starts on 10/1/2015 and ends on 9/31/2016, taking up one full page. How can I include another date range in the same schedule, say for the next year beginning 10/1/2016 and ending 9/31/2017? That is, can the date range for each page be different?

Change symbol date format

My computer is set up for English and with United States settings.  However, I want to make the dates on my schedule reflect a date order used by my customers.  Instead of mm/dd/yy, I would like to use dd/mm/yy.  Is this possible?

Scroll-Lock affects arrow keys

I am trying to use the keyboard arrow keys (left, right, up, down) to adjust the position of a freeform text block.  When I press the up arrow, my screen jumps.  Same with the down, left and right arrows.

Lost vertical connections

I have lost my schedule's vertical connections, globally.  Any ideas how that happened?

Lock symbols to a date when moving to another row

Is there any way to lock the symbol date when moving from one task row to another task row?