Add, move, and delete freeform text


Is there a way to add another header to the chart other than the title?


You can use freeform text to add words anywhere within or outside your schedule. Freeform text is stationary. It will stay in the same place and not adjust to a change in the schedule.

Add freeform text:

    1. Click .

    2. Click a location inside or outside the schedule. The cursor should now flash.

    3. If you click on an area that will display specialized text, such as a symbol or column cell, then a dialog box will appear. This would not be a freeform text entry.

    4. Start typing.        

Move freeform text:

    1. Click .

    2. Click and hold the freeform text.

    3. Move the cursor (and thus the text) to the new location.

Delete freeform text:

    1. Click .

    2. Click once on the freeform text.

    3. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.



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