Always use transparent text for symbol text and dates


Is there any way to set up Milestones so that all the symbol text and dates are shown transparent (not opaque?)  I have to change them constantly and would like to know how to set the default up permanently.



Here's an example of both transparent and opaque text.

For an existing schedule update the symbols in the toolbox.

  1. Double-click symbols in the toolbox which are being used.

  2. On the Text and Dates Properties tab, choose Transparent for the Date Background and choose Transparent for the Text Background.

For future new schedules:

  1. Set up a template which includes the above Transparent text settings in the toolbox.

  2. File | Save As... | Personal Template.  

  3. Name the template default.mtp.  Now, when a new schedule is started, it will be ready to go with the transparent settings and any other formatting changes.











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2017        2019         2021         2023









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