Annotate your schedule with text and pictures 

Milestones Professional offers many options for adding text and graphics to your schedules.  


What you want:

Use this:


  • name or explain a step (task) in the schedule

column text


  • a short explanation for a key milestone or task

symbol text


  • a longer explanation for a key milestone or task, maybe with a picture

symbol note

  • text which is not related to a milestone or task

freeform text


  • text which explains what each symbol or bar on the schedule means


  • a picture or clip art


  • a picture at a specific date

symbol note or bitmap symbol


 Column text

  • Up to 20 columns, up to 10 on each side of the schedule.

  • Columns can be "smart" or text only.  Set a column type to "none" if it will be used for task names or any other text entries.

  • See Outlining and Summary Bars to learn about creating an outlined schedule.

Symbol text

  • Enter up to three lines of text.

  • Text moves with the symbol

  • Customize the position, size and color of the text.

  • Sampler below shows many symbol text options:  Learn more.


Symbol notes

  • Enter up to ten thousand characters of text in each symbol's Symbol Notes field.

  • Hover over symbol to read symbol notes or choose to display formatted notes right on the schedule.

  • Option to print separate sheet of Symbol Notes.

  • Choose to highlight and auto-number symbols with Notes.

  • Sampler below shows many symbol notes features:  Learn more.

Free-form text

  • Type text anywhere on the schedule.

  • Free-form text does not move with a symbol or with a task line.

  • Format the text, background, frame, and more.

  • Up to 40 lines of symbol text.  Press enter to start a new line of text.

  • Use & substitutable text strings to show file name (see example below), date, time, and more.  

  • Learn more about freeform text.



The legend is the area reserved for documenting the usages of various symbols, horizontal bars and vertical links on the schedule.


  • While legends usually appear below the schedule, they can also "float" anywhere on the schedule.

  • Legends can display one or two lines of text along with one or two symbols and one (or no) bar.

  • Learn more about the legend.









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