Bars not filling to status date on imported schedule


I imported my Microsoft Project schedule into Milestones Professional.  I want the bars to fill to the status date.  Most of them don't do this.  Why not?



Some of the import formats (such as Coded Symbols and Bars) set individual percent completes for each symbol or symbol+bar+symbol combination.  This is because this import format typically puts multiple Microsoft Project tasks on a single Milestones Professional task row.

There is a simple way to remove all individual % overrides:

  1. On the Tools tab, in the Other Tools section choose Manage: Symbols, Pictures...

  2. In the drop down list, choose Manage Symbols.

  3. Remove all percent overrides from every symbol.

  4. Select OK.











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2019        2021        2023






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