Change the color of a single symbol


How can I change the color of a single symbol on the schedule?



Click once to select the symbol on the schedule.  

Click the small Size/Color tab and change the Symbol Fill Color.


I am trying to change the fill color of a selected symbol.  I have made the change in the Selection/Size/Color tab /Symbol fill color on the Override Symbol and Bar Colors section, but it will not display in the page as the new selected color.  I can see that it is changed on the tab above, and on the Symbol properties page, but not in the actual chart.  Please let me know what I am doing incorrectly.


On the Dates tab, check to see if the Symbols: Fill to Status Date selection is checked.  If so, all symbols after the status date will be either hollow or filled with the color specified for that symbol type in the toolbox.











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2017        2019         2021         2023









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