Change the color of horizontal bars


I need to change the color of horizontal bars on my schedule.  How do I change the color of all bars of a certain type?  How about if I just want to change an individual bar.  Is this possible?


Yes.  Here are the instructions for both cases.

Change all bars of a certain type and color to a new color:

    1. Double-click the bar in the toolbox.

    2. Change the fill color.  

    3. Click OK.  


Change a single bar to a different color:

  1. Using the arrow tool in the toolbox, click the start date (left end point) of the horizontal bar.

  2. The toolbar changes to Current Object: Symbol.

  3. Select the Size Color tab

  4. Click the Color box (shown as None in picture) next to the 1st Bar Color.  (Horizontal bars can have 2 connections.)

  5. Select the new color from the color palette that displays.