Change the shape of a symbol based on status


I would like a symbol to change both color and shape when it’s completed. Is this possible?


This is possible by setting up an after status color and shape for any of the symbols in your toolbox.   (Double-click the symbol in the toolbox.  Click the Color/Pattern/Size/Shadow tab.)


In this example, the yellow triangle in the toolbox has the star selected for after status shape and the color red selected as after status color:


How does this work?  Only symbols which have after status shapes set will change based on status.  If an after status shape is set, and then if the symbol is before the status date (or marked as complete) then it will use the symbol shown in the toolbox.  If the symbol is after the status date (or has a % complete of less than 100%) then it will use the after status shape.   

Be sure to turn on Symbols: Fill to Status Date (Dates tab) to use this feature.

In the dialog box below, a red check mark is shown in the toolbox.  The red check will display before the status date (complete) and the red diamond will display after the status date (incomplete).



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