Copy a toolbox from one schedule to another


I have created a toolbox that is perfect for my needs.  Can I copy it to another schedule?




When two schedules are open in the same "instance" of Milestones, you can copy one schedule's toolbox and then paste it in the other schedule. Thus, the new toolbox replaces the old toolbox. All existing symbols on the schedule are replaced by the symbols in the new toolbox.

    1. Open both schedules in the same instance of Milestones (a single Milestones window with two files open).

    2. Right-click anywhere on your new toolbox.

    3. Choose Copy Toolbox.

    4. Choose View | Window Controls | Switch Window and select the other schedule.

    5. Right-click that schedule's toolbox and choose Paste Toolbox

  1.  Each time you open an independent Milestones window, it is called an "instance." Users can have multiple instances of Milestones open at a time. You can tell how many instances of Milestones are currently open by viewing the Windows Taskbar. To copy and paste between two schedules, you must perform the operation within the same instance of Milestones. When two schedules are open in the same instance of Milestones, you copy and paste your toolbox from one schedule to the other.











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2017        2019         2021         2023









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