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I have a large schedule.  Other products allow bookmarks to be set to mark key parts of a document.  Does Milestones have anything similar?



Yes!   Add a bookmark name to any task row.  Especially helpful for large schedules, this feature allows the user to quickly jump to specific schedule areas.  Bookmarks can be included in PDF files to make it easy for viewing large schedules in a PDF browser. Here are instructions for creating a bookmark followed by instructions for jumping to a bookmarked task.

Bookmark a task row:

  1. Select the task row to be bookmarked.  This will display the Selection menu.

  2. Choose Selection | Task Row Settings | More Task Row Options | Bookmarks...

    • You may also right-click the task row and choose Bookmarks...

  3. Select Create a new Bookmark by keying a name (default is text from cell).

  4. Enter a bookmark name or use the default entry. The text in the column closest to the schedule area on the left will display as the default bookmark text.

  5. Click Create a Bookmark Now to bookmark the task row and exit the dialog box.

  • The length of the bookmark name is limited to 29 characters.

  • The Current Task Row number indicates the row location of the selected task. Numbering is 1-based and begins with the top-most task row and includes any hidden tasks.

Jump to a bookmarked task row:

  1. Right-click any task row and choose Bookmarks...

  2. Select Jump to a Bookmark or Delete a Bookmark

  3. Under Select Bookmark, choose from the list of bookmark names.

  4. Click Jump to a Bookmark Now.





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