Create a master schedule


I have been developing a large schedule with many projects, and only now realize that I need to make it a master schedule.  All the sub-projects and tasks are already laid-out in this schedule.  What do I do?



Since what you now have looks like the master schedule and contains all the sub-schedules, your chores are few:

  1. Choose File | Save As...and name it as one of the sub-schedules

  2. Repeat Step 1 for all sub-schedules.

  3. Choose File | Save As...and name it "master.mlp" (or whatever you choose).

  4. Open the sub-schedules and delete task rows that don't belong.

Now you have your master schedule and sub-schedules, and they all have identical formatting---a key to master scheduling.

Learn how to "turn-on" the master schedule.







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