Exclude hidden tasks from summary bar and roll-up


I am making an upper level schedule, and am using the Split Summary Bar setting.  I would like to filter the schedule so that I can exclude certain tasks and then show just the tasks I want on the summary bar.  The problem is that when I filter, the summary bar is still showing the unwanted tasks.



Use this option to make this work smoothly.


Here's an example:

Use a filter column (1) to indicate which tasks to include.  (We want to exclude the Review tasks (2))

Filter the schedule:

Tools | Filter Task Rows.

(1) Choose Column Text Containing...

(2) Always include the parent tasks of any tasks selected by filter.

 (3) Do not show rolled up symbols/bars from hidden rows on filter results.

Set the first selection to Includes:

Enter D/T.   This will eliminate all tasks which do not have D/T in the column.


Here is the resulting schedule:

Now, to see just the top level, filter again, this time using an Outline level filter:

Only examine currently visible tasks.

Pick Outline Level in the list.  Check all the options as shown:

Select 1 from the list:


Here is the resulting upper level summary:










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