Bring in just part of a Microsoft Project plan


When I am importing an Microsoft Project plan, Microsoft Project loads all tasks (and Milestones) of the plan. That's too much because the plan consists more than 2500 tasks.

Only the major work packages, not every task are relevant to the report I want from Milestones Professional.

Is there a way to only load certain tasks such as up to level 3?



There are four options for bringing in only part of your Microsoft Project schedule:

Option 1:

Filter the tasks before you bring them in to Milestones:

  1. Open Microsoft Project.

  2. Filter the Microsoft Project schedule (in Project)

  3. In Milestones Professional, import the Microsoft Project schedule.  The filter will be retained.

Option 2:

Set up a Flag field in Microsoft Project.  In Milestones, choose to import only the flagged tasks:

  1. In Microsoft Project, add one of the Flag fields.

  2. For each task in your Microsoft Project schedule that you want on your report, change the Flag field to Yes.

  3. In the Project to Milestones Wizard, choose the Flag that was used:

Option 3:

Choose to import only tasks up to a certain outline level:

  1. In the Project to Milestones Wizard, choose the Outline level of the lowest task you want to import:



Option 4:

  1. Create a schedule in Milestones Professional.  
  2. Tag the symbols for your Microsoft Project schedule.  
  3. Then, use Milestones Professional's refresh feature to keep the Milestones Professional schedule up to date when the Microsoft Project dates changes.  See: Add a tag to a symbol











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