Show a symbol based on the percent complete


How can I display symbols to indicate which tasks are, for example, 50%, 75%, 90% complete?  I want to show which tasks are complete, which ones haven't started and so on.



To do this, you need to create two columns: a Percent Complete SmartColumn and a Values SmartColumn which will display symbols according to the percent complete column values.

(See the sample schedule below.)

(Note: another possibility is to show a % Complete (Pie) Indicator in the % Complete Column.)

Step A: Add two columns

  1. Choose New Column on the Insert menu.

  2. Choose Percent Complete... from the list of column types

  3. Configure the Percent Complete column and click OK.

  4. Choose New Column on the Insert menu.

  5. Choose Values... from the list of column types.

   Step B: Define the Values SmartColumn that will display the indicator symbols

  1. Double-click the column heading of what will be the Values SmartColumn.

  2. Enter a column name.

  3. Choose the Column Type (SmartColumn) Settings tab.

  4. For SmartColumn Definition, choose Values.

  5. For Column to Compare, choose the percent complete column.

  6. Un-check Display numerical value also.

  7. Choose Pick indicator symbology based upon the following conditions.

  8. Click the drop-down arrow to choose which and when symbols appear.

  9. After you choose a symbol, choose Condition is based upon the value in a cell.

  10. Enter a value range for each symbol. See the sample ranges, above.

  11. Choose OK to return to the schedule.



Below is the resulting schedule.










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