I know that I can paste a picture into a Milestones schedule.  Can I make a watermark and paste it?



Yes.  Here is how:

  1. Copy any picture.

  2. Paste it into PowerPoint.

  3. Right-click the image.

  4. Choose Format Picture.

  5. Under Image Control and Color, choose Watermark.

  6. Choose OK.

  7. Right-click the image again, and choose Copy.

  8. In Milestones, choose Edit | Paste Picture.

  9. Move the cursor to the schedule area and click to place the image.

  10. Re-size the image by holding Shift and grabbing the image's corner.  

   Only place the watermark after creating the schedule.  You cannot click on symbols with the watermark present.  If you need to make symbol adjustments after placing the watermark, move the image to the side while making changes.











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2017        2019         2021         2023









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