Letters as symbols


We are using two different symbols with text to symbolize "Completed" and "To Be Completed."  Each time a milestone is completed, we have to change the symbol and re-enter its text.  Is there a faster way?


If you could use a single character, such as "I" or "C" for incomplete or complete, then you could use two different symbols, perhaps each a different color with a symbol mark of "I" or "C". The symbol mark is stored with the symbol in the ToolBox so you don't need to enter it when you use the symbol.

    1. Double-click a symbol in the ToolBox that will be the "C" symbol.

    2. Enter "C" in the Letter Marking box.

    3. Choose Standard Shape number 28 (the null symbol) or any other shape.

    4. Choose OK.

You are ready to use the symbol/letter.


Now, you can select a symbol on the schedule using the Arrow tool, and then click on the symbol in the toolbox to change it immediately.


 Also, consider using the status symbol and the fill-to-status date functions to show progress.


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