Lock-down symbols to a date


Can I lock some of my symbols to a specific dates?



There are two answers for this question.

Answer # 1: (If only a few symbols need to be locked)

Milestones Professional has several constraints that can be placed on symbols.  One of these is "lock to date."  When this constraint is applied, the user cannot move the symbol, unless the constraint is removed.

To apply the "lock to date" constraint:

  1. In the Toolbox, click the tool.

  2. On the schedule, double-click the symbol to be locked-down.

  3. Choose the Constraints tab.

  4. For Constraint Type, choose Lock to this date.

  5. Choose OK.  

 If dependency mode is ON and you try to move a symbol which has a locked dependent symbol, no symbols will move.  You must turn off the dependency mode or remove the lock to date constraint. Also, baseline symbols can be locked globally, under Format | Baseline Setup.   

Answer # 2: (If an "original" schedule needs to be locked so that a current schedule can be added)











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2019        2021        2023






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