Move symbols between tasks


I’m using Milestones Professional and I’m looking to move symbols (and their dates) between tasks.

When I select (right click) the symbol I see the Copy Symbol/Bar for Paste but I don’t see a way to actually paste that symbol to another task.



There are two ways to copy symbols from one task to another.

Method 1:

    1. Click (the arrow tool.)

    2. Right-click the symbol and choose Copy Symbol/Bar for Paste.

    3. On the task where you would like to past the symbols, right click on any column cell.

    4. Choose Paste Symbols.

Method 2:

    1. Click (the arrow tool.)  

    2. Press the Shift key.

    3. While continuing to press the Shift key, click and drag the symbol to the new task row.

    4. Release the mouse button.

Notes for Method 2:

  • Symbols can only be moved one at a time using this technique.

  • Vertical links associated with the symbol will be maintained.

  • Attached symbols and bars will move with the symbol.

  • To Copy instead of Move a symbol, instead of holding down the Shift key, hold down the Ctrl key.









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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2017        2019         2021         2023









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