Need a larger (or smaller) toolbox


Is there a way to increase the size of the tool box? it is too small to see what symbols I need to use. I'm using a very high res monitor.  


The toolbox on my computer is much bigger than the toolbox on my co-worker's computer.  I would like to make mine smaller.



Due to the common use of very high resolution monitors, an option was added to double the size of the toolbox.  Here's how to double the size to make it easier to work with on high-res monitors or set it back to the original smaller size:  

  1. Click the Tools tab.
  2. In the Program Options section, click Edit.
  3. Always use double size Toolbox to increase the size.   Always use double size Toolbox to make the toolbox the default (smaller) size.  

Here's how the larger toolbox appears:












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