Password protecting your schedules


We keep our schedules in a shared folder on our server.  Can we control who has access to each Milestones schedule?


Milestones Professional has password capability.    (Click Password on the File tab to add.)

Files with passwords can only be opened by someone who knows the password.  

You can choose a "read-only" option for those who do not have the password. This allows them to open the schedule, but not to make changes to the schedule.

If this "read-only" option is not selected, then only those with the password can open the file for both reading and writing.

Consider giving people who need only to view the schedules the free viewer.

Passwords and Master Schedules

In Master Schedules, passwords are a must to ensure schedule security. The Master Schedule must have the passwords to its sub-schedules or the sub-schedules must allow Read-Only viewing. This will allow the Master Schedule to automatically update from password-protected sub-schedules.



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