Putcell method and column numbering (for programmers)


I am having a problem with the OLE automation: I use the "putcell" method, but it does not put the text in the cell. What am I doing wrong?  



Be sure to follow the column numbering shown here:

Try this sample code and note the column number after "putcell". Maybe your column numbering is off.


Public Sub connectors()

Dim objmiles As Object

Set objmiles = CreateObject("Milestones")


'Open Milestones and give the schedule a title

With objmiles


.settitle1 " Visual Basic Testing "

.settitle2 "    Connectors"


.PutCell 1, 3, "Task 1"


'add four symbols per line and a connector between 1-2 and 3-4

'connectortypeX is a variable that uses all 16 connectors available

For connectortypeX = 1 To 16

.AddSymbol connectortypeX, "02/07/2001", 1, connectortypeX, 2

.AddSymbol connectortypeX, "3/15/2001", 2

.AddSymbol connectortypeX, "4/1/2001", 3, connectortypeX, 4

.AddSymbol connectortypeX, "5/15/2001", 5

.setsymbolproperty 1, 1, "SymbolDatePosition", 2

.sortsymbols 1



Next connectortypeX


End With

End Sub



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