Quickly add many vertical connectors


Is there a quick way to insert vertical connectors? I have a meeting agenda laid out with about 30 task rows. The end time for one agenda item is the start time for the next agenda item. I can manually link the "tail" of one agenda item to the "head" of the next, but is there a quick way to automatically insert the vertical connectors?



Yes. This method should only be used when only one start symbol and/or one end symbol are on each task row.

To set up many dependencies at once:

  1. In the toolbox, click once on the vertical connector you wish to add.

  2. Click once on the tool.

  3. Select a range of task rows or non-contiguous task rows whose symbols will connect vertically. (see above)

  4. Choose Insert | Vertical Connection(s).

  5. Choose to connect Normal or Baseline symbols.

  6. Choose Downward or Upward connections.

  7. Choose from:

Finish to Start     

Start to Finish     

Start to Start     

Finish to Finish    



This schedule is the result of the Finish to Start selection:








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