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I'm in a time crunch. I need to prepare a "report" from two pages that shows all information on one page.  Ideally, the page would be output in portrait to a printer where the paper size could then be selected.  



The customer in this case wanted the ability to print a schedule in Portrait on three different paper sizes: Letter (8.5x11), Legal (8.5x14) and Tabloid (11x17).

Here are the steps to accomplish this:

Initially, create the schedule as Portrait, using Letter Size (8.5 by 11).  The options to change the layout of the schedule are found on the Layout tab. Here is what the settings should look like. Note the rows per page can vary.

While in 100% view, finalize the schedule.  While in this view, check the schedule to make sure you like the size of symbols and text and that everything fits well.  Now, the schedule is ready to print in a variety of sizes.

  1. Choose Printing | Print Setup.
  2. Select the paper size.
  3. Set Orientation to Portrait.
  4. Choose File | Printing | Printing Options.
  5. On the General tab of the Print Options dialog, Choose Scale to Fit Selected Paper Size.
  6. Choose File | Printing | Print Preview  to verity that your schedule margins are large enough.
  7. Next, Print.  Below is an example of a schedule which can easily be printed using Scale to Fit in a variety of sizes.  









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