Shade multiple rows at one time


I want to change the shading on a group of horizontal lines. When I highlight the rows using the ctrl key I then go to >format>horizontal Shading>Shading>change the color for all 3 sections>click ok> Problem is all the grid lines on project change to new color.


Can you tell me if there is a trick to shading multiple rows?  I usually end up shading row by row.


Here's the way to do it:

    1. Hold down the CTRL key while selecting rows which are not together.  (Use the shift key to shade rows which are together).

    2. The task lines which are selected will be highlighted and the toolbar will change to Current Object: Multiple Task Rows.

    3. On the toolbar, click the arrow for More Task Row Options:

    1. Then, on the menu, choose Gridline/Shade and make shading selections via the dialog box.


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