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We are using Excel to enter information that we import into Milestones Professional.  We have several Excel users who are entering the information.  I have a filter that works for me when importing with our Excel spreadsheet.  How can I share my filter with other Excel users who also use Milestones?



In Milestones Professional, it's possible to import or export filters that you have created for pasting your Excel tables into Milestones.

  1. Choose Export Filter as shown.  You'll be asked to specify a file name.

  2. E-mail the resulting filter to your co-workers and ask them to save.  (or put your filter in a shared location which your co-workers can access)

  3. Tell your co-workers to use the Import Filter button when they import.    











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2019        2021        2023






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