Shifting all symbols, values, and curtains


I have Type 1 ValueSet values entered for each month of the year. I need to shift all symbols and values one year. How can I do that?  What about shifting curtains?



To shift all dates (symbols and connectors) and for the option to reset the schedule's start and end dates by the same amount, choose Edit | Shift All Dates.


Curtains can also be shifted by this same amount.


To shift the ValueSet values:

  1. Choose Setup ValueSets on the Tools menu: .

  2. Click Create/Edit for the ValueSet that contains the values to be shifted.

  3. Click Display/Edit.

  4. Enter an amount to shift the values and click Shift Dates.  



The calendar increment (here, Months) is determined by the Set Alignment for ValueSets selection that appears after Step 1.










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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2019        2021        2023






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