Show a "pie" percent symbol on a task row


I see that it is possible to add a pie symbol to a task row as a normal symbol.  Can you tell me how to set this up?


Here is an example of this feature.  Instructions for setting it up are below.

Use the percent complete symbol in the schedule area:

    1. In the toolbox, double-click any unused symbol.

    2. On the Symbol Shape tab, choose #97 from the list of Standard Shapes.  This is the special percent complete symbol.

    3. Choose Comment Symbol.

    4. On the Color/Pattern/Size/Shadow tab, choose the fill color and the after status color for the new percent complete symbol.   Set the fill color and after status color to the same color.  This will allow you to place the pie symbol anywhere on the task row and display the same color even if the option Fill to Status is on.

    5. Click OK.

    6. Using the plus tool, add the new symbol to one of your task rows.  When you change the status of the task, the percent complete symbol will reflect the change.


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