Show two date lines


Am I able show two date lines using Milestones Professional? For example, I want to show a status line ( i.e. Sept 8, 2017) and a date line that's in the future (i.e. Oct 1, 2018).  



Milestones actually offers several ways to do this.  

A curtain (recommended)

It's possible to shade any date range on a schedule by defining a curtain.  To show just a line, make a curtain that is one or two days in length. Learn more about curtains.

The line tool

A simple straight line drawn with the line tool is another way to get a second date line.  Learn more about the drawing tools.

Vertical grid line using a custom heading

Another method that will work is to define a custom heading and then, once defined, turn on the vertical grid lines for that custom heading.  Learn more about custom headings.










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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2019        2021        2023






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