Suggested symbols and bars for "Birds on a Wire" charts


I like the "Birds on a Wire" charts I have seen made in PowerPoint.  I know these are easier in Milestones. Can you give me a clue how to make mine look like this with Milestones (sample made in PowerPoint)?



There are several symbology options for making "birds" which easily fall on a wire.  (Reminder: Customize any symbol or bar in the toolbox by double-clicking)

Option 1:

This is closest to the PowerPoint example.  

Birds: It uses the inverted triangle symbol in the middle position (#1 in the list of standard shapes.)  

Wire: The bar used is #24 in the Bar Types list.   The bar uses symbol shape #28 (blank) for the end points.

Option 2:

Birds: This example uses two symbol types to achieve the above and below bar display.  The inverted triangle (standard shape #1) in the upper position and the triangle (standard shape #2) in the lower position are used.  

Wire: The bar is #5 in the bar types list.  The bar uses symbol shape #28 (blank) for the end points.

Option 3:

Birds:  Arrow symbols (symbol shapes up arrow - #12 in the lower position and down arrow - #13 in the upper position) are used for the birds.

Wire: Bar type # 5 with end point symbols which are #26 (thin vertical bar).  











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