Symbol date format


I want to show just the day for symbols added to my schedule.  Right now,it shows the month/day.



There are many choices for Symbol Date Format.  To change the format:

    1. Choose the Dates tab.

    2. In the Date Related Settings section choose Symbol Date Format. 

    3. To show the month and year (Question 1): For Predefined Symbol Date Display Options, choose Year and Month. - OR -  To show the month and day (Question 2):  For Predefined Symbol Date Display Options, choose Month and Day.

    4. Press OK.

  1. Day only:

  2. Available formats:

    • Minute Only (e.g. 45)

    • Hour and Minute, 24 Hour Format (e.g. 13:45)

    • Hour and Minute, 12 Hour Format (e.g. 1:45)

    • Hour Only (e.g. 13)

    • Day Only (e.g. 2)

    • Month and Day (e.g. 12/23)

    • Year, Month, and Day (e.g. 12/23/21)

    • Year and Month (e.g. 12/21)

    • Month Only (e.g. 12)

    • Day from Start of Schedule (e.g. 35)

    • Minute from Start of Schedule (e.g. 3200)

    • Minute from Start of Schedule: n,nnn as nn.nn (e.g. 32.00)

    • Year only (e.g. 2020)

    • Month from Start of Schedule (e.g. 2)

    • Hour from Start of Schedule (e.g. 13)

    • Week from Start of Schedule (e.g. 12)

It's also possible to use custom date formats.  Learn more

  1. Custom date format examples













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