Symbol note options


Is there a way to quickly see the Unique IDs on each symbol while I'm working on a Milestones chart?



Yes!  The unique id attached to a symbol shows when you hover over the symbol with your mouse along with all symbol notes and other symbol information.  You might need to increase the amount of symbol notes that appear, as discussed below.


Here are several symbol note options:

View symbol notes:

  1. Choose .
  2. Hover over a symbol that contains a symbol note.
  3. If your symbol note is not displaying, make sure tooltips display is set to entire screen.  On the Tools tab, choose Help.  Check the box next to Entire Screen.


Increase the length of time that a symbol note appears, upon hovering:

  1. Choose Tools | Program Options | Help.  
  2. Change the Symbol Hover Tooltip display amount (from 1 to 15 seconds).


Increase the amount of symbol notes that appear, upon hovering:

  1. Choose Tools | Program Options | Help.
  2. Check  Expanded Symbol Hover information display.











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