Symbol Text Background

Question 1:     

How can I get the symbol text to have a transparent background?  When I shade a task row the symbol text has a white background on the shaded task row.

Question 2:

I want the text in my bars to have the same color as the rest of the bar, rather than have the white outline. How can I do that?

Question 3:

The area around my symbol text is blanking out parts of the symbols.  Is there any way to change this?  

Question 4:

Some of my symbols have a background and a box surrounding the symbol text.  I would like to get rid of this.




Change a single symbol:

  1. Using (the arrow tool), click on the symbol you want to change.  (To change text which is inside a bar, click the start symbol for the bar).  The toolbar changes to Current Object: Symbol.

  2. In the Text Placement section, set the Background to Transparent.

  3. If a date is shown, then in the Date Placement section, set the Background to Transparent.

Change many symbols at once:

  1. Double the symbol in the toolbox.  (If you are unsure which symbol is in use, right click the symbol on the schedule and choose Select Symbol and Bar in toolbox).

  2. Choose the Text and Date Properties tab.

  3. Set the Text Background to Transparent.  (For Questions 1-3 choose transparent)



Question 4:

  1. Using (the arrow tool), click on the symbol you want to change.  
  2. In the toolboar, double-click the highlighted symbol.
  3. Click the Text/Date Properties tab.
  4. To add a box surrounding the symbol text for all symbols of this  toolbox type,  Fill Area around Text and  Draw Border. To get rid of the background color just uncheck these options.














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