Three ways to add vertical links


I need to add a vertical links on my schedule.  Sometimes symbols to be linked are on separate pages, sometimes on the same page.  What are my options?


There are three ways to link symbols and/or tasks on your schedule.  

Method #1 - Add a single link using the toolbox

    1. Choose in the toolbox.

    2. In the schedule area, click once on the symbol from which you want the vertical link to begin.

    3. In the toolbox, click once on the vertical link to be used.

      • If the symbol to complete the connection is on another page, at this point, use the PageUp and PageDown keys to move from page to page.

    4. In the schedule area, click once on the symbol that completes the connection from the first symbol. A vertical link is drawn between the two symbols.

Method #2 - Set up many dependencies at once

This method should only be used when only one start symbol and/or one end symbol are on each task row.

    1. Select a range of task rows or non-contiguous task rows whose symbols will link vertically.

    1. Choose Insert | Vertical Links | Vertical Links between selected task rows.

    2. Choose to link Normal or Baseline symbols.

    3. Choose Downward or Upward links.

    4. Choose one of these connection types and click OK

Connections on the last 3 rows of this schedule are the result of the Finish to Start selection:


Method #3 - Add links on very dense or multi-page schedules

If your schedule is similar to the above (very dense) or if your schedule has many pages, you may find it challenging to add vertical links between symbols. Using the Milestones Professional Toolbar, it's possible to select symbols individually using either the keyboard or the mouse and then connect them in a separate step. This new methodology saves time and is less prone to error.

    1. Use the mouse or keyboard to select the parent, or "from" symbol.

    2. On the toolbar, choose the Vertical Links tab. The row and symbol index for the symbol you have selected will be shown.

    3. Click for the From Symbol.

    1. Locate and select the second, or "to" symbol.

    2. Click for the To Symbol.  


    1. Choose Connect Now.  The connection will be added.   

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