Tips & Tricks for February 2020

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When using the Percent Complete SmartColumn, how do you change the color of the pie chart that appears?

I generated a MS Pro file by hand based on the data in one of my MS Project Files.  I just opened MS Pro and begin placing Milestones and Bars in a blank file. The items I placed were based on data within my MS Project File.  Is there a way to link the dates on my Milestones Professional schedule to Microsoft Project so I can later update the data in my MS Pro File (the milestones and bars) automatically if the dates in my MS Project File change?

I really need to set the % complete for individual bars on my schedule.  I know I can set them on individual task rows and then roll them up, but frankly I really don’t want to set up an outlined schedule.  Is there any way to do this?

One of my date headings is set in daily increments.  When I add a symbol under a day, it is always set at noon.  How can I control where it is set?

Is there a way to anchor a freeform text to a symbol?   

The purpose is that when I add task lines to an existing roadmap, the free text that identify the %C do not carry down to the lines they are representing. I cannot use the text in the milestones and tasks because they are already in use, but I deleted that text for the purpose of this snippet to give you an idea of the use of the freeform text:

How do I get rid of my page breaks?

I need a couple of page breaks in my schedule so that I can have a couple of short pages.  Is this possible?

When I import a Project file, the percent complete readings are not the same in Milestones.  Why is that?