Tips & Tricks for September 2020

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When using Microsoft Teams to view and share a Milestones file, the Milestones file blinks and all symbols in the graph area disappear.  The file header and columns remain visible but the documents blinks in and out. Is there a solution for this?

I want to show a title to the left of my schedule.  I want to show the text in white with a navy background.  Is this possible in Milestones?

What is the easiest way to add a stoplight column to my schedule?  I want to control the color of the stoplight for each task.

I have a large schedule.  Other products allow bookmarks to be set to mark key parts of a document.  Does Milestones have anything similar?

I would like to send my schedule to others as a PDF.  Since it is quite large, I would like to use bookmarks in my PDF so that viewers can quickly navigate to sections of my schedule.  Does Milestones offer this functionality?

I have noticed that my symbol text is very far away from my symbols (horizontally) when I make my schedule an odd size.  Is there any way to adjust this for all symbols?

What does the TE on the symbol attributes report stand for?

I need to move a column from the left side of the schedule to the right side of the schedule.  The right side of the schedule is off the screen (not visible).  How can I move the column?

My schedule dates are mostly concentrated in the current year but I want to show past years also, as they do have a few key dates.  Is there a way to "scrunch up" the past years so they don't take up as much space on the timeline?

I am using the import feature from Excel to MS Pro. Can I copy two lines from Excel into one line on MS Pro. I want to display current and baseline.

I have hidden all of my columns.  How do I bring them back up?

I have a row with many milestones (20 or so).  I would like to calculate the difference between two specific milestones on each row of my schedule.  (Start up date and First Delivery Date) Any ideas?

Usually when I go to refresh a Milestones Professional schedule from Project, I am asked to select the Microsoft Project file name.  I have one schedule (only one!) which never prompts me to select a file and I wonder what's going on.  Any ideas?