Update UIDs in Milestones when Project UIDs change


I moved my Microsoft Project schedule to a new version of Project for use on Project Server.  All of my Unique IDs (UIDs) were changed!  How can I update my Milestones schedule easily?



While this is not a common problem, it is one that we have heard about more than once.

Update tags:

  1. Open the Milestones Professional schedule which needs to be updated with the new UIDs.
  2. On the Tools tab, in the Reports section, choose Symbol.  Next choose Symbol Tags ...
  3. Click the Copy Report to Clipboard button.
  4. Paste into an Excel spreadsheet.  The column UID Part of the Tag includes a list of UIDs.
  5. In the column to the right of UID Part of the Tag column, enter the new UIDs
  6. Highlight the cells in the UID Part of the Tag column and the new column which contain the two sets of UIDs.
  7. Copy to clipboard.
  8. In Milestones, in the Connections tab, click the arrow next to Refresh Previously Imported Project.
  9. Choose Manage UIDs in Cells and Symbol Tags.
  10. Press the button labeled Press to retrieve old/new UID pairs from Clipboard.
  11. Click Change IDs Now.
  12. Click Done.
  13. Check the schedule before saving.  We recommend saving under a new name!  











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Applies to Milestones Professional:      2019        2021        2023






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