Webdings and Wingdings as symbols


Can I use the Webdings and Wingdings shapes as symbols?

Can I get a telephone symbol into Milestones?


Yes. This greatly expands the number of shapes available for symbols.  Here's an example Milestones schedule using Webdings:

Add Webdings or Wingdings symbols to your schedule

Any Letter Marking can be superimposed on a symbol. When you use a Wingdings font and a "null" symbol, then the symbol displays as the Wingdings shape.

    1. On the Format tab, in the Default Text section, choose Symbol Mark.

    2. Choose one of the fonts (Webdings, Wingdings, Wingdings 2, or Wingdings 3)

    3. Set the font color (this will be the color of the symbols made with Web/Wingdings.

    4. Double-click any symbol in your toolbox.

    5. Change the Standard Shape to #28 ("null" or blank symbol)

    6. Enter a single character for Letter Marking.

    7. Using the toolbox plus tool, add a symbol to your schedule.  The Wingding shape will be displayed.




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