Tips for working with a schedule which has no columns


My schedule has no columns.   How can I select a task row?

I am converting my schedule to a "no columns" schedule so that it is more presentable.  I have "issues" doing some of the task line tasks I'm used to doing by selecting a task row in the column.   For example, I'm having trouble changing the shading of a task row. How do I select a task and then do what I need to do?




Solution 1: Maintain a column on the schedule and then hide it prior to presenting your schedule

  1. On the Insert tab, choose Column.  From the list of available columns, choose Text.

  2. Work on your schedule as you have been used to doing.

  3. Prior to printing or presenting your schedule, select the column by clicking once in the column area.  Then choose Hide Column.

Solution 2: Select a task row on a schedule with no columns

  1. With the (arrow tool), right-click on a symbol which is on the row you want to select.

  2. From the list of options on the menu, choose Select Task.

  3. The toolbar will change to Current Object: Task Row.

  4. Now change the properties of the task row using the toolbar.  If you want to change the shading for the task, choose More Task Row Options on the toolbar and then Gridline/Shade.










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