Work with dense schedules


I am trying to move and better organize the symbols and symbol text on in my schedule, which is very crowded.  Do you have any suggestions?  


I am having trouble selecting the symbol I want to change.  My schedule is extremely dense (40 per row!)  Any ideas would be great.


Crowded schedules present a unique challenges, but Milestones has the tools you need.  Read through the following questions and answers which should help.


Lots of symbols in current year but want to show future years too

Is there a way to expand the present year but show the future and past years also?: Answer


Trouble selecting a symbol on a crowded schedule:

I am having trouble selecting a symbol.  What is the solution?

    1. Choose .

    2. Use the left and right arrow keys to locate the symbol you want to change.  (Be sure the Scroll Lock key is not set.)

Move symbol text and date with keyboard shortcuts:

Once a symbol is selected, I want to adjust the symbol text:  Answer


Annotate a symbol with a call out:

I have many symbols almost on top of each other.  Is there a way to use a call out with a picture to identify which is which?  Answer:



Get the exact date for a symbol:

Getting the exact date for a symbol: Answer


Better display for overlapping symbols and bars:

Symbols on a task row are close together, if not on top of each other.  How can I display them better?:  Answer


Eliminate dates on the symbols:

How do I get rid of the dates on the symbols?: Answer


Add vertical links on a crowded schedule:

My schedule is quite crowded and I sometimes have trouble selecting symbols and adding vertical links.  Is there an easier way?  Answer  


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