Adjust the position of symbol within a task row to relieve crowding


Symbols on a task row are close together, if not on top of each other. How can I display them better?



There are a few options, including widening the schedule layout, shifting the symbol's position, shortening the visible date range, and customizing the gridlines to make several task rows appear as one.


Option 1: Widen the schedule

By widening the schedule, you create more horizontal space for the symbols to exist. On the Layout tab,  increase the width of the schedule. When you print the schedule to a smaller size page, the software can scale it down to the selected size. On the File tab, see Printing Options for this  scale to fit choice.


Option 2: Shorten the visible date range and scroll through with Shift+PageUp or Shift+PageDown

As with widening the schedule, shortening the schedule's date range also creates more space for symbols that are in close proximity. Click the Dates tab and enter a Displayed Start Date and Displayed End Date that is less the current date range. This does not preclude adding symbols and connectors outside this date range.

 Use Shift+PageUp/PageDown on the keyboard to slide the visible time frame to previous and future time periods. To set the scroll amount, click the icon and enter a number days for Calendar Range Scrolling.


Option 3: Shift the symbol's vertical position

  1. In the schedule, click once on the symbol to be moved.
  2. Use the Shift+up arrow key and Shift+down arrow key on the keyboard to adjust the symbol's position.
  3.  Make a global adjustment for a specific symbol by double-clicking that symbol in the Toolbox.
  4. Choose a Symbol Position setting under Text and Date Properties.


  1. Shift+left arrow/right arrow moves the symbol to a new date. Use the left and right keyboard arrows (without Shift) to select the next or previous symbol..


Option 4: Customize the grid lines

Each task row's grid line can be customized by pattern, color, and show/hide. By only showing a horizontal grid line line, for example, on every third row, you create the appearance of a single row for every three rows. In this example, you now have three rows on which to place symbols and connectors, while the appearance is that there is a single row.  On the example below the appearance is of single swim lane rows while in reality, each symbol is on a separate row.










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