Copy a task row from one schedule to another


How can I copy a task row from one Milestones schedule to another?


First, you need to open the two Milestones schedules in the same "instance" of Milestones.  If they are open in the same "instance," then you should see both file names under View | Window Controls | Switch Window.  Next, the schedules should have the same column formatting.

Copy one or more tasks:

    1. Right-click the line to be copied.  (To copy multiple lines, hold down the Shift key to select a range before right-clicking).

    2. Choose Copy Task.

    3. "Window-over" to the other schedule (Window | schedule's name)

    4. Click a task row to select it.  

    5. On the Edit tab, choose Task Row in the Paste section.  Then click below the task row you previously selected.  The pasted row will appear below that row.