Make the schedule more compact


How do I get a multi-page schedule down to one page?


For a more compact schedule, change the rows/page setting and make the text and symbols smaller:

Change the Rows per page setting
    1. Choose the Layout tab.

    2. Type a number in the Rows/Page area that will encompass all your tasks.  (If there are 20 tasks, set the Rows/Page to 20)

    3. Press Apply Setting Changes.

      For example, if you had seven lines on each of three pages you would type 21 in the Lines/Page option.

Change the Symbol size
    1. Choose the Format tab.

    2. Use Frame | Highlights | Set Symbol Size to set the size for all symbols on the schedule at once.  

 It's also possible to set the size for individual symbols and/or specific toolbox symbol types.  Learn more