Only part of the schedule appears in PowerPoint


I used the Copy All Pages to PowerPoint feature to get my schedule into PowerPoint.  Only part of each page of the schedule appears in PowerPoint.  Any ideas?


I just received a new laptop. Been using Milestones for years. When I use the "Copy all pages to PowerPoint" command to take a schedule to PowerPoint it no longer fits the slide like it used to. Is this something for me to adjust in PowerPoint? Or is there a checkbox in Milestones Pro that ensures the picture will paste into the PowerPoint slide and enlarge to fit the space? Thanks in advance.


This can be one of three things.  

      1. Eliminate 3-D symbol highlighting.  Format tab - Shadows and Highlights - Remove all symbol highlights.

      2. Eliminate highlights and shadows.  Format tab - Shadows and Highlights - Remove all shadows.

      3. Eliminate gradient fills if #1 and #2 do not eliminate the problem.


I'm using Copy all pages to PowerPoint but my legend is getting chopped off.  What's wrong?


For a good idea how a schedule will look when copied to PowerPoint, turn on the page border:

    1. Choose Format | Frame, Highlights | Background Color.  Then Draw page border around schedule.

In this example, it's easy to see that the legend is outside the page dimensions.  If using a floating legend, be sure that the legend is within the page dimensions.  If a floating legend is positioned at the bottom of the schedule, change it to a non-floating legend so that it will be contained within the page dimensions. (The example below uses a floating legend)

The corrected schedule.  This one uses a non-floating legend.


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