Track deliveries over time


I have a schedule I am importing from Microsoft Project.  Each time we do a delivery we have a task in Microsoft Project which has the word delivery.  I would like to create a schedule which displays the delivery dates and also shows the total number of deliveries per month.  Is anything like this possible?


Yes, do the following:

    1. In Microsoft Project, use a custom filter to filter your Microsoft Project file for tasks which include the word delivery:

    1. In Milestones, import the filtered schedule using the Milestones Finish Dates format.  

    2. In Milestones, delete all summary bar rows.  These bars are not needed for this purpose and will affect the calculation.

      1. Choose .

      2. Click once in the column area for the first summary bar.  The row will be highlighted.

      3. Hold down the Shift key while highlighting other summary bars.

      4. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

    1. Add a Symbol Count SmartColumn.

      1. On the Insert tab, choose New Column, Symbol Count.

    2. Add a ValueSet to use the Symbol Count column.

      1. On the Tools tab, Set up ValueSets.

      2. Choose Monthly for Set Alignment for ValueSets.

      3. Click the first Create/Edit button.

      4. Enter the name Deliveries for the ValueSet.

      5. Choose Type 3 and select the Symbol Count column:

Set up a DataGraph to display the monthly values:

      1. On the Tools tab, choose Set up DataGraphs.

      2. For DataGraph 1,

      3. Enter a height (like 1.0).

      4. Press

      5. Choose Deliveries and click OK.


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