Vertical lines similar to current date line


I would like to be able to add several vertical lines across all tasks.  The line would look like the current date line but I would place them on other dates as needed.  Is this possible?


Can you please let me know whether I can insert a date line which is not a current date or status date but just a vertical line at a specific date.



Yes.  Curtains, or vertical shading can be defined for any vertical space within the schedule area.  Curtains can be any color, pattern and can be shaded.  By indicating the date range, the width of the curtain can be controlled.

If you indicate a small date range, the curtain will be a line (for example a two day date range will cause a line on most schedules.  On short duration schedules you may have to make the curtain span just a few hours).

Add curtains:

On the Format tab, choose Curtains in the Vertical Shading section.


Here's an example of a schedule with several curtains:












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