Move a master schedule and sub schedules to a new folder


I have moved a master schedule and its sub schedules to a different folder on my PC. How do I get it to update the links for the sub schedules so that the point to the new folder I've moved them to?



I want to update all the files in my master schedule list to version 2023.  Right now they are all version 2021.  (MLJ)



  1. Open your schedule with the links to change.  Save a copy of the schedule before starting this process.

  2. Choose the Tools tab.  In the Other Tools section choose Update Filename Links.  

  3. The Update Links dialog box displays, showing the links that are contained in the file. (See Picture 1)

  4. Next to Update Strings in link In From: enter the text to be changed. (See Picture 1)  Note: It's possible to highlight and copy this information from the FileName list displayed in the dialog box.

  5. Next to Update Strings in link In To: enter the new text. (See Picture 1)

  6. Now select Update Strings in link. The old information should now be replaced with the new information.  Picture 2 shows results.  This example changes just the folder.  Change the file extensions in a similar way but note that the individual schedules need to be saved in the new format before merging the master schedule.

Picture 1:


Picture 2:










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