Rotate column heading and column text


I am trying to change the column header text in some of my columns to be rotated 90 degrees.  I know it can be done because one of my associates was able to do it.

I would like the text in one of my columns to be rotated.



  1. Rotate the column heading:

    1. Click the heading.  The tool bar changes to Current Object Column Heading.

    2. In the Column Heading Text Display Settings section,  under Text Attributes change the degree to -90 or 90.  In the example below Start is rotated 90 degrees and End is rotated -90 degrees.



  1. Rotate the column text:

    1. Select the column.  The toolbar changes to Current Object: Column.

    2. In the Column Type and Format section,  under the Alignment options,  pick one of the options in the drop down to rotate the text and justify it (L, C or R) in the column.  In the example below, the cell text is rotated 90 degrees and Left (L) justified.











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