Sort by dollar values in columns


I need to sort tasks by dollar amount and dollar categories.  How is this done?



You can sort dollar amounts in ascending or descending order:

  1. On the Tools tab, choose By Multiple Columns in the Sort section.

  2. Select the Sort Order as descending or ascending

  3. Check First Key Column

  4. Choose the name of the column containing the dollar values

  5. Choose Currency, then OK  


You can also filter-out dollar amounts of a certain value range:


  1. On the Tools tab choose, choose Filter task rows

  2. For Type of Filter, choose Numbers in column greater than or ..less than

  3. Enter a number

  4. Check Treat numbers as currency, then OK


If you have lots of columns with values, you might want to highlight that column first (move cursor to lower part of column heading cell and click once).











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