Symbol text is too far away from symbol


My symbol text is spaced too far away (vertically) from my bar. 



Although they are not visible, symbols are at the end point of each bar.  In this case they are the type 28 (null or invisible) symbols.  The vertical spacing of the symbol text can be controlled by adjusting the symbol size.   The symbols on this bar must have larger symbol sizes than the default chart symbol size.  Getting rid of the individual symbol size overrides will move the text closer:

Click once on the start symbol for the bar.

On the toolbar, click the small Size/Color tab:

Click the Reset button.


Question 2: (Horizontal)  

I have noticed that my symbol text is very far away from my symbols (horizontally) when I make my schedule an odd size (like 62 wide by 11 tall).  Is there any kind of adjustment I can make, or do I need to "fudge it"?


Yes, this problem is easily solved:

  1. On the Tools tab, choose Edit.

  2. Choose from one of these options (super-close recently added, closer than closest!)

  3. If you need additional control, add spaces on the right if the text is to the left of the symbol  or on the left if the text is to the right of the symbol.









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